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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

{Valentine's Day Countdown} Date Hair


Part of being Homemade is doing everything yourself.
This also means if I want some fun, fancy hair for a Valentine's Day Date with the Hubbs
I have to do it myself. Because of this, I wanted to show all you lovelies a simple, fun, sassy way to do your hair for all those dates our Hubbys and Boyfriends will hopefully be taking us on this month.

So let's get started......

This hair is second day hair.
This means it is "dirty"


It doesn't smell.......promise.....
"dirty" just means I washed my hair the day before
I always feel it is the easiest to do a fun updo when you hair is "dirty"
The curls were left from the previous day
I did however add a few more curls where some of them had gone a little flat.


Once I had done that, I started scrunching my hair at the roots.
I do this to sort of fluff up my hair.


I do it a few times on each side.

I do have bangs so I pull those down to the front.
I then get ready to tease the crown of my head.

Pick up a section of hair.
Spray it with hairspray and then "rat" or "tease" your hair.
Teasing is also called back combing.
It is when you brush towards the scalp, instead of away.
Does that make sense?
I hope so


Now do that to both sides of your head and the back.


You will have some crazy hair going on after his step.

Once I am done teasing I gently go over the top of my head.
Very lightly...........just enough to calm it down a tad

Then I get out my trustee bobby pins.
These magnificent things are seriosuly my best friend.
My poor family finds them everywhere, but I love them
I literally use them every day.


Take a section of hair in the front and pin it to the side.
When I pin I push forward a bit
This will give your hair some more height
I may not live in Texas, but I definitely think bigger is better
when hair is involved at least:)

Pin a side back on the other side as well


Now start on the bottom section.
This time you will take a big section and twist it.


Pull it all the way around the back so it is meeting your other side.
This gives a side pony tail look




Secure with bobby pins
Crisscrossing pins in an "X" fashion is a great way to really secure that hair.

Once it is all scure with pins
Spray the heck out of your hair with Hair Spray
I forgot to mention I am very pro hair spray. I like my hair to be locked and loaded.
Ready for anything the weather may pin against it.


Add a cute flower or hair thingy and you're done


Dress it up with a cute pencil skirt and heels
Now you're ready for a night out with the Hubbs


For more Hair Tips and Tricks
Click HERE


Don't forget to come back later today for more fun!
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  1. You do an awesome job on your hair. I keep thinking about teasing my hair,but I'm terrified. I had a bad experience when I was a little girl with a comb getting stuck in my hair. Lol:) Looks great!

  2. what a cute 'do I love your dirty face haha. I would love you to add this and any other posts you want to show off to my What We Wore and Made party over at

  3. Super CUTE.. I love the hair style, it looks really awesome.. LOVE the face, especially your 1st expression., lollol.. YOU ROCK.. :))

  4. you really are blissful and domestic! I have tried making my hair look like yours and it never looked that good...i was very sparse with the bobby pins... I learn something new everyday! thanks!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

  5. Awesome job.Ima give this a try but otger a ponytail and alittle braiding I can't do hair.this is encouraging :)

  6. Hope you have a wonderful Valentine's day. Love the hair.


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